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Eco Plan

ECONOMY PLAN (Eco Plan) The most attractive lottery buying plan for every lottery lovers.
In this plan every Indians are eligible to participate every day lottery draw and win prize. We upload everyday each ticket of that day's draw ticket and you can check result on the same day and claim prize amount. We are ready to upload the ticket you purchased if you need it upon your request at any time (Week end, Half Month, or even Month end) just paying the postal and service charge of Rs. 150/-extra.
The highlights and benefits of this plan:
1. Saving your valuable money. When you buy 25 tickets in a month you have to spend atleast Rs.3500/- In this plan you save Rs. 1750/-ina month. (Total Amount 3500-Eco plan amount 1750=1750)Saving 50% money.
2. Saves Time and Effort. You need not upload buy order, upload payment screenshot, pay service and postal charges each time and even check result. (we check result and inform you if any prize on your ticket). Saves your valuable time.
3. More safety. It is very safe to keep the purchased ticket at our office. So nothing to worry about paid cash, delevery delay, return back win ticket etc.
4. Any time Any date. One can register any time any date in a month. Your starting and ending date is automatically calculated by the software.
Disadvantages :
1. You have to trust us for all lottery related transactions.
2. Patiently wait each day for uploading time (may change).
3. No number choice or series choice.(it is also in other plans).
Think wise...Try your luck everyday. one can register for morethan 1 a time.