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Life Vishu Bumper - ₹250 , Bhagyamithra - ₹100

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Mega Special
Bhagyamitra Offer (5 Tickets)
₹450 /per set
Draw: 2021-05-14
Next Draw: 2021-07-04
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Total 2,11,009 Prizes!
Total 24,94,59,000 prize money!!
WhatsApp Upload Courier/Post

Eco Plan
₹1750 /per package
Draw: 25 Daily Draw
To Your WhatsApp Number
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Total 25 Tickets!
Save ₹1750
(25 * 140=3500)
WhatsApp Upload No Courier/Post

Bhagyamitra Monthly
₹100 /per ticket
Draw: 2021-05-14
Next Draw: 2021-07-04
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Total 2,11,009 Prizes!
Total 24,94,59,000 prize money!!
WhatsApp Upload Courier/Post

₹250 /per ticket
Draw: 2021-05-23
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Total 153433 prizes! Total 34,10,00,000 prize money!! WhatsApp Upload Courier/Post

Bumper Offer (6 Tickets)
₹1480 /per set
Draw: 2021-05-23
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Total 153433 prizes! Total 34,10,00,000 prize money!! WhatsApp Upload Courier/Post

Mega Bumper (12 Tickets)
₹2850 /per set
Draw: 2021-05-23
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Total 153433 prizes! Total 34,10,00,000 prize money!! WhatsApp Upload Courier/Post

Win Win
₹40 /per ticket
Draw: 2021-05-10
Next Draw: 2021-05-17
More details

Total 270025 prizes! Total 20,10,96,000 prize money!! WhatsApp Upload Courier/Post

Sthree Sakthi
₹40 /per ticket
Draw: 2021-05-18
Next Draw: 2021-05-25
More details

Total 292693 prizes! Total 20,03,96,000 prize money!! WhatsApp Upload Courier/Post

₹40 /per ticket
Draw: 2021-05-19
Next Draw: 2021-05-26
More details

Total 265705 prizes! Total 20,13,52,000 prize money!! WhatsApp Upload Courier/Post

Karunya Plus
₹40 /per ticket
Draw: 2021-05-20
Next Draw: 2021-05-27
More details

Total 278665 prizes! Total 20,10,16,000 prize money!! WhatsApp Upload Courier/Post

₹40 /per ticket
Draw: 2021-05-21
Next Draw: 2021-05-28
More details

Total 275425 prizes! Total 20,12,04,000 prize money!! WhatsApp Upload Courier/Post



  • Bumper (BR-79 May 23) : New Draw Date Not declared.
  • Bhagyamithra (BM-6 May 2) : New Draw Date Not declared.
  • WIN WIN (W-615 May 10) : New Draw Date Not declared.
  • SthreeSakthi (SS-259 May 4) : New Draw Date Not declared.
  • Akshaya (AK-496 May 5) : New Draw Date Not declared.
  • Karunya Plus (KN-367 May 6) : New Draw Date Not declared.
  • Nirmal (NR-223 May 7) : New Draw Date Not declared.

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About Us

We are engaged in e-commerce and online marketing for 7 years having widespread wings all over India to serve & educate digital marketing all Indians without any barriers of Cast/Creed/Residing State by reaching their needs and introducing Kerala State Lottery Department and their services to the public. We collect orders from our customers and arrange the paper lottery tickets from the Government Lottery Department through Licenced Agents and Sellers and despatch you via registered/ speed post by India Post or courier as per your order demands. We also upload the digital images before despatch you to your WhatsApp number only for checking results published. The order number is also provided at the time of image upload. We clearly declare that this is not an Online Lottery Play prohibited legally but a service to the Physical (Paper) Lottery Lovers in India.

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How to claim prize money

We will help you to claim the prize amount whatever it. Customers are requested to keep the images of tickets, Order ID & Claim number until the claim process is settled. You can claim prize money directly by submitting tickets before any lottery office in Kerala. If you are unable to visit Kerala for this purpose, send win tickets as registered / speed post back to us within 25 days from the date of draw to the below address -

Inlux Intelligence
Meeyapadavu P.O.
Kasargod, PIN - 671323.

In such case, the prize money will be credited into your given bank account within 15 to 30 days, after we receive your returned ticket.
We submit your win tickets to the Government Lottery Office and claim prize money. This process may delayed due to many technical reasons.
Share your Account Number and IFSC CODE for prize money transaction to your account.

Click the below "Register Claim" Button for claim information

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What is safe custody

What is safe custody We are in lottery business for long years. Customers from all states of India trust us. Most of our customer use our safe custody option. To reduce postal charges and to fast the claim process, customers keep their tickets with us in our safe custody. The tickets are numbered and uploaded to your whatsapp for cross check with result publishes. When you win, either we claim on behalf of you or you can directly claim on any Kerala Lottery District office . For this need you can demand us your ticket to post you upon a payment made only Rs.100/-as postal and handling charge, and claim by yourself. This option is based on mutual trust. Remember after draw, due date for claim is only 25 days.Save money, use safe custody option.

Save money, use safe custody option. As a service to our valuable customers, we do not charge any fee for it.

Terms And Conditions
    Shipping Policy
  • If you do not provide the correct WhatsApp number and PIN code, your order can't process. In such a situation check your Order Details for our Admin Message in red color.
  • We do not change/Edit the address you given in order. So no address modification is possible after despatch.
  • WhatsApp upload order will not convert to Postal/Courier order. If anybody wants this facility, a search and processing fee of Rs. 250 + delivery charges given in site will be applicable.
  • Saturdays and Sundays are not working days, but you can make orders and we will notify you.
  • In normal situations, we need 48 hours for processing your order with bank reconciliation. So no need to call/chat within processing time. We are more concerned about the valuable money you sent. It never loses, surely reaches us.
  • After the processing, we will upload the ticket into your WhatsApp and the next day despatch through India Post as Registered Letter/Speed Post/Professional Courier Service. A tracking Id will be provided for further all your tracking needs.
  • We are not responsible for the delay in delivery, because it is beyond our control. We depend on India Post and The Professional Courier.
  • Many customers are worried that delivery may occur after the draw date. Actually, there is no connection between this. Even though the delivery is after the draw date, the ticket is valid up to 25 days from the draw date.
  • If you do not upload the payment screenshot/transaction number, the processing will be later.
  • Those who request courier facility need to ensure before ordering that The Professional Courier service is available or not in your area.
    Refund / Cancellation Policy
  • No cash refund within 24 hours of the refund request made. Rs. 10/- will be deducted as a refund processing charge.
  • If a ticket is out of stock from the government outlet or the government cancels a draw, we will process the order with the next draw. So there might be a delay. Draw dates will be updated on the website.
    Return Policy
  • We despatch and upload genuine paper lottery from the government lottery department. All tickets are posted, despatched before the draw date. We don’t see any probability of return for order.
  • If an order is not able to track, or no tracking details available after 10 days after the despatch date, we will process the order again without any payment.
  • We never store ticket images in our phone/computer memory. So once it is uploaded we will delete the images to free space. So please don't request us to upload again. If anybody needs such images please pay Rs. 250/- as Search and re-uploading fee.

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